At DIYgirls, we are consistently on the lookout for superior materials to produce our product range, in line with our focus to bring clients the best in design, backed by science. 

Here are just a few reasons why we love Bamboo linen:

  1. The Bamboo plant, which is used in the making of Bamboo textiles, is eco-friendly, fast growing and doesn’t require pesticides or dangerous chemicals to grow.
  1. Bamboo linen feels silky and soft against the skin and wicks moisture away from the body, due to its quick drying qualities. For this reason, it’s also known to be odor-resistant.
  1. The cross-sectional fibers of bamboo linen traps air inside the material, making it a natural temperature regulator. As such, it feels cool when it’s hot, and warm on cold days.
  1. Bamboo linen is naturally antimicrobial (bacteria-inhibiting), therefore a fabric frontrunner for allergy sufferers and those of us with sensitive skin.
  1. Linen made from Bamboo is strong, durable and wrinkle-resistant, making it long lasting and easy to wash and maintain.

“This is by far my favorite bedding set,” says Esihle Mbeki, DIYgirls INTERIOR client. “As I took it out of the wrapping, I was immediately impressed with the softness. I love the fact that it is resistant to dust mites, pollen and bacteria. This is an absolute win for me, as an allergy sufferer.”