Coffee Table Styling Secrets: 10 Top Tips for the Perfect Look

We all have that one friend whose coffee table is a captivating centrepiece. She seems to have perfected the formula for styling it. When you look at your own though, you don’t always know where to start. Anything you put on it looks awkward and out of place. Well, at DIYgirls, we are that friend! And today we are going to tell you all our secrets! …well, the ones related to coffee table styling anyway.

While some people think formulas can be restrictive, we think they’re a great way to nail a look quickly and unblock your creativity. Regardless of your chosen aesthetic, our top tips will help you style your coffee table like a pro and infuse it with your own style and personality. 

Here are our top 10 secrets for transforming your coffee table into a captivating centrepiece:

1.  Its All About Balance

Achieving balance and symmetry is key to creating a stunning coffee table. Start by considering the shape of your coffee table and then divide it into sections. For a square or rectangular table, think of it as four quadrants. Place items of similar size and shape diagonally across from each other. For round tables, imagine a central focal point with items radiating outwards. Symmetry doesnt mean everything needs to be identical, but maintaining a sense of balance will make your arrangement feel cohesive.


2.  Make It a Bit Odd

Embrace the rule of threes, sometimes also called “the rule of odds”. For some probably unexplainable reason, it is generally agreed upon that things look more visually appealing if displayed in odd numbers. While you may be tempted to spread items out evenly across the surface of your table, instead group them in odd numbers for a harmonious arrangement that's easy on the eye.

3.  Height is a Factor

Don't let your display be one-dimensional. Play with heights to create a dynamic vignette. Combine tall objects, like candlesticks or a vase of flowers, with shorter items like a stack of coffee table books or a tray to add contrast and visual interest.

4.  Textures Tell a Story

Luxury is all about sensory experiences. Woven baskets, metallic accents, glass vases, wooden trays, glossy coffee table books, ceramic bowls; there is no limit to the textures you can include and they all add depth and intrigue.

Try to contrast these items with the texture of the coffee table itself. If you have a wooden coffee table, add glass or metals, or if you have a glossy coffee table, consider wood or matt ceramics.

5.  Consider Your Colours

To create a harmonious look, stick to a cohesive colour scheme. Choose a palette that complements your existing décor. Neutral tones with pops of colour work well for a sophisticated look, while bold colours can create a dramatic effect. Make sure that the items on your coffee table complement each other and contribute to the overall look.

6.  Trays Are Your Best Friend

Don't be a tray-tor to good taste! Trays are a stylish and practical addition to any coffee table. They help organise smaller items and create distinct sections on the table, transforming potential clutter into something that appears intentional and neat.

Choose a tray that complements your tables material and colour. For a touch of luxury, opt for metallic finishes like gold or brass.  For a simpler look, consider perspex.

7.  I Can Buy Myself Flowers

Nothing breathes life into a space like fresh flowers or greenery. A beautiful bouquet or a small potted plant can add a splash of colour and a calming natural element to your coffee table. Choose seasonal flowers for a dynamic look that changes throughout the year, or opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents for a touch of greenery without the upkeep.

Don’t overlook the vase, pot or vessel that holds your plants or flowers. These can also contribute to your coffee table’s wow factor.

8.  Put the ‘Fun’ in 'Functional’

While aesthetics are important, dont forget about functionality. Your coffee table should serve its purpose as a place to hold drinks, snacks, remote controls and other items. Leave some open space and avoid overcrowding the table. Trays and boxes with lids can also help you keep your coffee table practical while also organising or concealing necessary but visually unappealing items like remotes.

9.  Make It You!

Your coffee table should reflect your personality and style. While you should resist the urge to cram everything you love onto your table, it’s good to incorporate something that is distinctly you.

You can add personal touches like a stack of your favourite books, a piece of art that resonates with you or a sentimental item that reminds you of a moment or person in your life. These items not only add character but also serve as great conversation starters when you have guests over.

10.  Rotate and Refresh

Lastly, dont be afraid to rotate and refresh your coffee table décor. Embrace your inner interior designer and give your table the occasional makeover or spruce up. A regular refresh is key to keeping your living space as dynamic, interesting and fabulous as you are.

Bottom line

Styling a coffee table is an art form that combines structure, creativity and personal expression. By following these tips, you can create a luxurious and inviting centrepiece that enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

At DIYgirls, we believe that every detail matters in creating a beautifully curated home that is distinctly you, and your coffee table is no exception. 

Happy styling!