Design backed by Science

At DIYgirls we understand the impact a busy household can have on the longevity of furniture. Children, pets and busy adults create spills and scuffs which, over time, can ruin the upholstery of your carefully chosen furniture, scatter cushions and other furnishings. For this reason, we ensure that the products we make are upholstered with industry-leading and trusted fabrics from Hertex, Home Fabrics, U&G, Mavromac and T&Co.

Family and pets-friendly as well as business casual, the fabrics we choose are engineered to meet the demands of both residential and professional use. 


Amongst others, we pride ourselves in choosing FibreGuard, which combines the latest stain-free and anti-microbial technology, to make items stay strong and fresh, for longer. These fabrics are scientifically developed in such a way that liquids and bacteria are unable to attach itself to the yarn or the upholstery foam on the inside of the furniture.

It is also mildew and odour resistant, yet soft to touch, making it ideal for pets-friendly families, hotels, restaurants and businesses.


High performance, stain-free technology

Unlike other easy-to-clean materials, the yarns of high performance fabrics are coated with a solution that acts as a barrier against stains, preventing it from penetrating into the fabric yarns.

The stain-resistant effect is further permanent, meaning that the stain-free properties of the fabrics used for your items will last long after washing or prolonged use. 

The durability, reliability and consistent quality of these fabrics are tried and tested through the numerous textile tests, which have been conducted in independent laboratories.



Anti-microbial qualities

We also make use of FibreGuard Pro fabrics, which has an exceptionally light moisture barrier. Bonded during the production process, this breathable barrier stops the penetration of liquid into upholstery foam. This means that mildew and bad odours, caused by accidental spills, have less chance of attaching to the yarns or foam.

An anti-microbial solution is further applied during the fabric production process, which gives the fabric that extra level of security, by protecting whoever touches it against germs and bacteria.

This is why FibreGuard Pro fabrics are the perfect companions in tough settings such as homes, hotels and healthcare environments.