Not sure how to style your home with an ottoman?

Always counted on to mix up a seating arrangement and play double duty as a table surface, footrest, or even a storage space – the ottoman is multifunctional at its best. From small ones to oversized ones, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, the ottoman is not to be overlooked as a handy piece of furniture, which will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

The DIYgirls INTERIOR Team shares 5 ways to enhance your space with an ottoman, in an instance.

Coffee table makeover

Ottomans are fast becoming the focal point of the living room, serving the function of ‘all eyes on me’ décor. Why not replace a traditional wooden coffee table with either one or two upholstered ottomans? It softens the living room look and decorates beautifully with a serving tray, odd books and a vase of fresh flowers. Some ottomans, like the Ottoman Coffee Table with Slide, offers you both a hard and soft surface in one, with the option to shift the wooden tray from one end of the ottoman to the other side.

Tuck-away seating

With the option to add additional seating, ottomans are ideal for apartments with smaller entertaining spaces. Simply pull it out when needed and tuck it away under the table, when done. The Recharge Ottoman, for example, nests perfectly under a round coffee table with glass or wooden top, making it an ideal tuck-away seating solution.

Storage & Toy Box

Whether it’s books, shoes, blankets or controllers, an ottoman with a built-in storage compartment, like the Luke and Aria Storage Boxes, hides it all in plain sight.  These ottomans are also upholstered in stain resistant FibreGuard fabric, which makes it ideal for playrooms as toys can be stowed away easily inside, while top is used for board games.

Extend your bed

An ottoman placed at the foot of a bed can provide an additional element of comfort and add the finishing touches your bedroom needs. For the best result, we recommend choosing an upholstered ottoman, like the Tufted Ottoman, in a shade that matches or compliments your headboard.

Spruce up your dressing room

Since ottomans are relatively small pieces, adding one in a different color or texture is a quick way to take a room in a new design direction. So, why not add a touch of luxury to your dressing area by replacing your regular stool with an ottoman? To make a bold statement, choose a fully upholstered piece in metallic hues or deep-set button tufting, like the Full Deep Button or Legacy Ottomans.

From adding luxe style to rendering an air of casual comfort, you simply can't afford to overlook this hidden gem, if you want to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home. The ottoman may just become your favourite piece of furniture, once you’ve decided on its function and the space that it will be utilized in.