Why DIYgirls choose FibreGuard high performance, stain-resistant fabrics

At DIYgirls we are passionate about the fabrics we use to create our bespoke ranges of furniture and soft furnishings. We believe in using performance fabrics, which are backed by science, wherever possible.  Most of these fabrics are known for their durability, sustainability and stain resistance.

We interviewed Marc Shotland from Home Fabrics SA, spokesperson for FibreGuard, to help our clients understand what exactly a performance fabric is and what sets FibreGuard apart from the rest. 

Why was FibreGuard developed?

Consumers have always had the need to protect their furniture from stains to make it stay fresh, for longer. The Home Fabrics research and development team realized that most products on the market contained harmful chemicals and offered a topical finish that lasted only a few washes.

We noticed that there was a gap in the market for a safe, long-term solution, which lead to the development of FibreGuard (approximately 6 years ago).

Essentially, FibreGuard is protective technology that is embedded into the actual fabric. When fabric goes through the warp and weft process (these are the two basic components used in weaving, to turn thread or yarn into fabric) each and every yarn is coated with a protective layer, making it inherent in the fabric. FibreGuard is thus not a topical finish – it’s a 100% stain free technology that can never wear off.  

What are the benefits of using FibreGuard?

FibreGuard is a 100% chemical and stain free technology and  recognized by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – a certification that meets global fabric standards that ensures the product is not harmful to humans and animals...

Our commitment to the market is that every fabric distributed by FibreGuard is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant, because we care. This is what we love about DIYgirls. They share our sentiment and are passionate about driving quality in the production of their chairs and couches – from their choice in fabric right up to their craftmanship.    

Do you have any other ranges under the FibreGuard brand?

Yes, we have FibreGuard Outdoor and FibreGuard Pro. DIYgirls enjoys making scatter cushions with FibreGuard Outdoor, because of the durability of the fabric – it is mildew and UV resistant allowing it to last longer than indoor fabrics, when exposed to the elements. Our outdoor fabrics are soft, drape-able and luxurious to touch. It resembles the look and feel of interior fabrics to such an extent that its often used in decorating lounges and other interior spaces too. 

FibreGuard Pro – another division under the FibreGuard brand – was initially developed specifically for the medical industry, but has since been accepted widely and is often used by designers, like DIYgirls, in office spaces and the hotel industry because of its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities.

Tell us about the eco-friendly fabrics

FibreGuard recently created a range of eco friendly fabric, which is made from 100% recycled material.  DIYgirls loves using this fabric to upholster her furniture as it contains the same qualities as the other performance fabrics in our range, but is also sustainable.

Our Eco Label is made from plastics harvested from the ocean and wastage alike. Therefore, instead of dumping plastic in landfills, our manufacturers put the plastic through a recycling process where it gets condensed into yarn, which in turn we use to make fabric. 

How do you clean FibreGuard?

Cleaning FibreGuard is super easy. All you need is water, a micro fibre cloth and if the stain is really tough, glycerine soap. We recommend a colourant free, pure glycerine soap (found at most pharmacies and supermarkets).

To remove tough stains; sprits the area with water, rub a small amount of glycerine soap over the stain and gently rub in a circular motion with the micro fibre cloth – by following this process, we guarantee the stain will come out. We always like to say, “Relax it’s FibreGuard - there is no stain that will leave a mark.”

“We have found FibreGuard to be a remarkable fabric,” says Vinette Diab Nicholls, DIYgirls Founder.  “Our team of designers are passionate about ensuring high quality in all our products and believe in using 100% chemical and stain free fabric, wherever possible. We are proud to offer our clients furniture that is upholstered with a selection of FibreGuard performance fabrics as it will truly enhance their lifestyles, while encouraging sustainability.   

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