Quilted Blanket Drive

Giving back to our community and the environment


At DIYgirls, we have a zero waste policy in our sewing room and workshop. This means we repurpose all the off-cuts when we manufacture our soft furnishings. We then sew these off-cuts together to create beautiful, top-quality quilted blankets that we donate to the poorest of the poor, through a variety of organisations that serve the needy.

Since we've launched this initiative in 2021, we have already wrapped more than 500 vulnerable children and elderly people in these blankets of love.


We thank our trade partners and suppliers from Hertex, Home Fabrics and U&G for supporting this cause.

"These blankets are colourful, durable and strong," says Betty Tshuma from DIYgirls. "They spread kindness and warmth wherever they go."

We feel strongly about giving back to our community and we're excited to continue our efforts in 2023 and beyond.