DIYgirls launches home fragrance range

Always looking for opportunities to seize the moment, the DIYgirls INTERIOR team took full advantage of the fact that our nation has lately been home-bound a little more often than usual. With the aim of bringing you the fresh and revitalising fragrances associated with our country's beautiful weather indoors, the team created a stylish collection of hand poured candles, specifically scented to echo the outdoors.

NILAY | Sanskrit Indian (n.) home, heaven, place of rest.

The Sea Breeze and Salt scent transports you to the familiarity of the South African coast, while the Sandalwood and Spice candle takes you to the magnificent Knysna forest.

DIYgirls Nilay CandlesDIYgirls Nilay CandlesDIYgirls Nilay CandlesDIYgirls Nilay Candles 

The clean aroma of Lemon, Lime and Ginger refreshes and invigorates a sun-kissed body; and the stimulating notes of Pear and Cinnamon introduces spice into what might seem like an ordinary day. For those who enjoy a more musky fragrance, the team created a sophisticated blend of Vanilla, Anise and Leather - a more masculine and warm fragrance, reminiscent of an old farmhouse.

Made with the highest-quality, biodegradable paraffin wax, the classic collection holds its high performance fragrances in a contemporary, wobbly glass vessel, which is hand-blown locally, specifically for NILAY.

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Our Pink Champagne candle is a luxurious body product and fragrant candle in one, with eco-friendly benefits to the discerning consumer. Poured with a blend of soy wax and shea butter, it can be used as a rich, nourishing body lotion, when melted. It's presented in a gold-leaf coated vessel, in the shape of a pineapple. And, stands out as a truly unique decor item on its own. It makes for a beautiful gift as it can be used as a decorative holder for jewellery or trinkets, once its wax has been spent.

All the candles have been hand-poured at the DIYgirls workshop in Johannesburg. They are packaged beautifully in an embroidered draw-string bag, allowing you the pleasure of attention to detail and careful craftsmanship DIYgirls customers have become accustomed to.

Available nationally with door-to-door shipping, the NILAY range of fragranced candles is a stylish addition to any home and a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Women's Day giveaway Nilay CandlesDIYgirls Nilay Candles