From Bachelor Pad to Luxurious Retreat: A Transformation!

One of our latest projects involved the stunning transformation of a Johannesburg bachelor pad into a luxurious and stylish retreat.

Our client's vision was clear: he wanted a space that exuded masculine vibes while embracing rich textures and minimalist luxury. In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through the various rooms we transformed, showcasing the beauty of this new interior. 


The narrow, empty entryway was transformed into a showstopper with a beautifully styled server. The combination of the mirror, the lamps, the table décor, and the baskets struck the perfect balance between contemporary and warm, setting the tone for the entire house.



We transformed the space under the stairway from drab to fab with striking wall art and a custom-made bench. Next to the stairway, we created a bespoke work of abstract, contemporary art, adding visual interest and character to this transitional space.

Living Room:

The living room lacked colour, texture, and personality. We breathed life into the space by reupholstering the couch unit, adding two beautiful blue chairs, a set of stunning, colourful scatter cushions, and stylish table décor. This infusion of colour and style tied the look together, creating a vibrant and inviting living space.


Reading Nook:

One of the challenges we faced with this large, contemporary house was making it feel warm and cosy. To address this, we decided to create a welcoming reading nook in one of the living areas. The cornerstone of this nook was our Buckland Chair and footstool, upholstered in luxurious faux leather.

The Buckland Chair exudes contemporary masculinity and, when paired with the footstool, offers a plush spot for reading or relaxation. The warm tones of the faux leather and the chair's design combine to create a space that is both inviting and masculine. It's the perfect balance of style and comfort, adding a cosy dimension to the overall interior of the house.

Cupboard in Upstairs Living Room:

In the upstairs living area, we added a custom-made, contemporary cupboard that marries form and function. This piece combines open shelving for display with closed storage, offering the perfect solution for a living room.



The house has two TV rooms, and we used our stunning custom-made TV wall units to turn them into statement features. The addition of luxurious rugs in neutral colour palettes gave both spaces a minimalist and luxurious feel.

Master Bedroom:

We started our makeover in the master bedroom, focusing on soft furnishings and lighting. The goal was to give the room a cohesive and strong feel while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. To achieve this, we carefully selected a colour palette of blacks, greys, beiges, and metallics, creating a sense of sophistication.

The addition of our luxury scatter cushions in these shades added both comfort and style to the room. These cushions not only serve as a cosy touch but also contribute to the overall aesthetics. To elevate the ambiance, we opted for sleek and modern black pendant lights, which added a sense of minimalist luxury and perfectly complemented the existing décor.

The finishing touches in the form of carefully selected table décor brought balance and visual interest to the room. These small details, combined with the muted colour palette, created a space that was both inviting and undeniably stylish.


Guest Bedroom:

The guest bedroom was bland and boring, but we transformed it into a space that oozed style and sophistication while seamlessly blending with the rest of the house. Here's what we added to achieve this:

  • Contemporary black bedside tables for modern functionality.
  • A contemporary rug in muted tones, providing visual interest and comfort.
  • Two black statement bedside lamps with beige shades, adding an elegant touch.
  • A set of luxury scatter cushions with different geometric patterns and rich textures, elevating the room's aesthetics.
  • Our Tufted Leather Ottoman, adding warmth, texture, and character to the room.
  • A bold, geometric wallpaper in black and beige, anchoring the room with a touch of retro drama.

In Conclusion:

This interior design project was a remarkable transformation, turning a bachelor pad into a luxurious and stylish retreat that perfectly encapsulated our client's vision. The cohesive colour palette, the addition of plush furnishings, and the careful selection of furniture and décor pieces all came together to create a space that oozes sophistication, masculinity, and minimalist luxury. We are proud to have been a part of this incredible transformation and look forward to our next design adventure!