Trending in 2022: Has White Sand become the new grey?

Many of us are still homebound, which means that our living environment has been turned into multifunctional headquarters.  As we’ve had to adjust to the spaces we live in, design trends have made a dramatic shift, putting functionality, accessibility and comfortability ahead of form. 

With decades of design experience between them, Tanya Sterley (Hertex Sales Consultant) and Vinette Diab Nicholls (DIYgirls Founder) shares a snapshot of what is to be expected from the world of interior décor and design in 2022.


While most of us initially created makeshift work areas in open plan kitchens and dining rooms, it comes as no surprise that there is an ongoing need for dedicated home workspaces that allow productivity every day of the week.  

“We continue to custom design and manufacture bespoke wall units that complement the interior of our clients’ homes with smart shelving and storage solutions. By doing so, smaller spaces are optimized; and single use areas are transformed into more practical, multifunctional spaces. Combining the library and dining room, for example, is making a comeback, as we think differently about our homes and how you live in it,” says Vinette.

Tanya adds that “clients are incorporating their personalities into their living areas, now more than ever. They’re choosing sustainable, statement furniture – made of high performance and eco-friendly fabrics – wallpaper and unique furnishings that highlight their sense of style, making rooms feel collected, not decorated.”

All the while, wellness continues to be a priority and there is a definite trend toward maintaining an open feng-shui floor plan, which leaves room to breathe and encourages a clear and undistracted mind.

The tone for minimalist Zen living is created with floating surfaces, light timber finishes and clean, architectural lines that highlight the purpose of the room. Different textures and patterns as well as contrasting surfaces add visual interest over and above organic, natural décor like rattan, stone, marble and foliage.

“Providing the perfect backdrop for your 2022 interior is White Sand, no matter what your design style,” says Vinette, who believes that this light, fresh colour is the most sumptuous neutral for the next twelve months – whether it comes from the walls or furniture.


Versatile in its ability to match with the full colour spectrum, more and more of our clients are embracing White Sand as they experiment with pops of colour throughout their homes to create focal areas.”

As for the vibrant accents, Tanya notes hues that are found in nature, like olive, sage, moss and eucalyptus, combined with some bight’s and a softer palette of pastels.

The feeling from both Tanya and Vinette is that almost any ‘trend’ is worth preserving when thoughtfully executed. The key is to combine different elements in such a way that your space feels collected, as though it’s been pulled together and added to over time.

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